Sunday, January 2, 2011

Brugse Zot

Type: blonde ale
Origin: Bruges, Belgium
Price: €2.40 per 0.33 L

The Fool of Bruges, the Zot hits the spot. I am finally finishing up all the Belgian beer reviews from October, and Bruges was the second to last city we visited. The city, as Ann puts it, is "so fucking quaint". The hostel we stayed at was one of the best I have ever been to (Snuffel Hostel). They had an amazing beer bar inside the hostel with 15 or so great beers at an amazing price. I figured I would never see this beer again, so I tried it first. This can be quaintly referred to as the "Budweiser of Belgian Beers", since its about 70 euro cents in stores. It is simple, cheap, non pretentious, delicious, a little sweet, and all around enjoyable. There is a wheaty smell and taste, and a bit of sourness.

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