Thursday, January 13, 2011

The Lost Abbey Devotion Ale

Type: Belgian Blonde Style Ale
Origin: San Marcos, CA
Price: $9 750ml
6.25% ABV

The Lost Abbey operation always puts out solid beers year round. As such, one might say I always have high expectation from this brewery. Especially considering their high price points, even for low gravity beers as this particular model is.

It's a pretty beer to look at and sniff. Plenty of nice citrusy hop aromas mixed with a tinge of malts and wheat. Think prairie fields in late spring with sunshine beating on your back. On a side note, its mid January and a sunny 75 degrees F in good 'ole san diego this week (suck on that bitties).

Back to the beer. Anxious to take a sip, I take a sip. Then kaplow! Swallow and be slapped in the face with an overly bitter concoction with strong alcohol presence to boot (not hop bitterness). It reminds me of chewing on orange peel and washing it down with vodka. Why so bitter and alcoholic at only ~6% ABV?? I imagine this is a similar sentiment many a woman have about performing what all men wish they would provide several times a week.

Okay okay, it's not THAT much of an epic fail. Pay close attention and you can find the real flavors these guys were trying to portray. Those you expect from a delish light Belgian blonde. Close your eyes and do your best to block out those damned bitter receptors on your tongue, and you might just find flavors worthy of a dreamy pasture setting interlaced with several sexy women prancing around in the sun, just like Dionysus would have it. Bring out these notes and this could be on my top 10 list. Until then...

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