Tuesday, January 4, 2011

Maes Pils and Jupiler

Type: Maes=pilsner, Jupiler=pale lager
Origin: Belgium

There are 2 shit beers in Benelux: Jupiler and Maes. I wrote in my notes that Maes tastes like socks and a typical 3rd world country pilsner. It is overly sweet, and the only positive is the price. It was taken over by Heineken International in 2008, and they changed the recipe the following year.

Jupiler is just as bad. It is owned by Anheuser-Busch InBev. Looking at the parent companies, assume this is Budweiser and Maes is MGD.


  1. Did you review Kronenbourg from France ? because Maes and Jupiler are the dog bollocks compared with a Kronenbourg !!

  2. I've had Kronenbourg before and yes it is much better than Maes and Jupiler. Haven't picked one up in awhile, but I will be sure to review it soon

  3. Kronenbourg Gold is crap, Kronenbourg 1664 is a bit better, and admittedly better than Jupiler. But that doesn't make it good since Jupiler is a very, very bad brew.

  4. I've never seen Kronenbourg gold in the states, only the 1664. I think the last time I had the 1664 was before I started this blog, so it would be interesting to see what I think of it after a year of reviewing beers.

  5. I think I can guess your verdict on this poor lager after you having reviewed scores of fine ales ;)