Monday, January 31, 2011

Nogne O Pale Ale

Type: Pale Ale
Origin: Grimstad, Norway
Price: $7.95 for 500 ml

After a great day of drinking some stouts and double ipas I managed to sober up enough to meet up with some friends at Tornados, located conveniently 4 or so blocks from my house. I guess you can already tell that this beer is good with the thumbs up from Andy on the left, g1 Andy. I first tasted beer from this brewery at the Del Mar beer festival and found myself going back to their station again and again for more. The Pale Ale is 6% abv and is smooth and delicious with a low amount of hops and a slight malty taste. It's definitely one of the best if not best Pale Ale I have ever had, especially because the owner was practically giving these away at $6 for 2.

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  1. Fully agree. Why can't I find this brewery anywhere!?!