Monday, January 24, 2011

Piraat Ale

Type: belgian ale
Origin: Ertvelde, Belgium
Price: $17.99 per variety 6 pack

This beer has quite a difficult flavor to pin down. Beer advocate says that this is a Belgian IPA, but I call bullshit on that. I really get no hops popping through on this, just a wee bit of spiciness. The smell is completely dominated by alcohol, with a hint of wheat in the background. This is a 10.5% beer by the way. The flavor reminds me too much of malt liquor. Don't get me wrong, this is way better than a 40 of OE, but it is not very dynamic and too flavorless. Really, the alcohol is dominating too much. At least give me an overly sweetened wheat flavor to make this somewhat enjoyable. This is the first one from Van Steenberge that I have been disappointed with, probably the first from Belgium that I thought was shit. By the way, everyone on Beer Advocate loves to suck the proverbial dick of this beer. It received an A-. Such assholes. C- at best.

Update: This gets much worse towards the end. Its burning my throat, and starting to taste like hobo.


  1. Beer Advocate bloggers like anything that's crowned as hand-crafted brew. The Craftsman beers all have an A- and the two I had deserved C's on a good day.

  2. Too much of a beer for pussies like you...

  3. Perhaps a Bud Light is more to you liking. Piraat Ale stands with St. Bernardus and Hevelius Kaper as one of my top 3 personal favorites. To each their own.