Tuesday, January 11, 2011

Twin Sisters Double IPA

type: double IPA
origin: Longmont, Colorado
price: $8.50/22oz

Drink this, don't smell it. Fortunately the taste doesn't reflect the aromas of that famous plastic/silicon tape smell of Bandaid (I actually heard that floating around as a description of the nose). I think this is a decent beer but beware: the hop character isn't nearly what you'd expect from a double-hopped IPA. The flavors are interesting, but not astounding, and I think they should actually play up the rye component (rather than ignoring it).

I have a labeling suggestion for the brewery: You don't need to be so specific about certain things. Sure it's nice to know the ABV (9.6%), but we don't need to know that you used "flaked barley"; it conjures an image of underage kids manually flaking barley grains in the basement of some room.

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