Monday, February 7, 2011

Ballast Point Big Eye

type: IPA
origin: San Diego, CA
price: $4/22oz
abv: 7%

In the name of value, I've made an executive decision to add ABV to the credentials (if available). We really should add dollars per ounce of pure alcohol: This would be about $2.60/oz compared to a hyper-inflated beer like Curieux, at $5.74/oz. Sucks to your asthmar, Allagash.

So, here we have Ballast's "flagship IPA" with its hoppy wonderfulness at full-mast. This is essentially their San Diego craft brew university beer diploma -- further credibility for their Sculpin masterpiece. It has a beautiful color and a nice light head, and Big* but not-too-overpowering bitterness and green** flavors. This is classic SD-style India pale ale. A hard decision: You're at Costco and you can choose between a case of Stone IPA and Ballast Big Eye (at the same price)... which do you pick?

* Big Eye = Big I-PA
** Note: If I ever use descriptors along the lines of "fresh cut grass" like in every bullshit Advocate review you are all welcome to chop my balls off.

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