Saturday, February 26, 2011

Bornem Double Abbey Ale

Type: belgian ale
Origin: Ertvelde, Belgium
Price: $17.99 per variety 6 pack

The website description of this is perfect. They call this a "living" abbey ale that is great for aging. The secondary fermentation gives it a soft texture with a nice creaminess and fruity flavor. And they also say its great with sausage, game meat, steaks and other grilled meats. I think the final point I agree with most. I'm just imagining a pile of delicious sizzling animal carcass round back with every sip. I wish I could eat a second dinner now. All in all, this is a nice smooth dubbel belgian ale with a light sweetness and a slight malt profile. The color is much darker than one would expect from the tate of it. This is way better than the Piraat, the last beer from Van Steenberge.

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