Friday, February 11, 2011

Hermitage Maltopia Double Scotch Ale

Type: scotch ale
Origin: San Jose, California
Price: $3.49 per 22 oz

Most of what I have had from Hermitage has been from their "double" collection. Most scotch ales tend to be a bit overpowering but this one is light and airy. Even more surprising at the 9% ABV. The smell is a really nice sweet cherry/berry mixed with lightly malted rye. The color is a nice reddish brown that is much lighter than other scotch ales. The taste is a light berry with almost no maltiness and a syrupy texture. Its probably one of the better scotch ales I've had, but I don't know if I would classify like this. Its almost like a maltier doppelbock or dortmunder. And the price is not too shabby also.

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