Wednesday, February 23, 2011

Left Coast Asylum Ale

Type: Belgian Tripel style ale
Origin: San Clemente, CA
Price $6.49 22oz
11% ABV

I was shocked to see a beer in this category at such a low price. I thought to myself, "there has gotta be something wrong with the beer". Turns out the beer tastes just fine, just slightly above average. This equates to middle of the road in my book. It has a nice golden color with a light bubbly head. It's not spiced at all, just a straight Belgian style that balances its high alcohol content well. Smells like what you'd expect for a Tripel, wheat with some esters in the background. It had a good yeasty flavor profile with some Wit qualities in the mix. Nothing mind blowing, but nothing bad either. What this beer lacks in creativity it makes up for in quality and price. Worth a purchase for those who like standard Tripels. Oh and make sure to compare what the pour from the 1st half looks like compared to the 2nd half. It goes from slightly hazy to absolutely cloudy. Jesus that's a lot of yeast.

1 comment:

  1. This beer is fantastic! I love a great Tripel or a Hefe Weizen, and this hits the spot! A hefe out of the bottle always had yeast in the bottom, that is why you gotta drink this one out of a Hefe Glass, not a snifter. You pour half in to the glass and then swirl the bottle and pour the other half in. Learn how pour beer correctly and you can enjoy it!