Tuesday, February 15, 2011

Lightning Electrostatic Ale

type: farmhouse-style ale
origin: Poway, CA
price: 6.99/22oz
abv: 10.0

"Why the shit haven't I reviewed any Lightning yet?!" I realized yesterday. Brendan has though.

Let me start by saying I'm not sure (yet) where Lightning fits in among the SD giants. Yes, they are always at beer festivals 'round town but hardly ever have I seen their beer in a bar. What's going on here? Marketing? Taste?

Marketing, maybe: Some people are put off by the simplistic, flashy (chrome-ish) label. I would argue there's a slightly mysterious nature to their beer simply because of the labels, but WFC right?

Taste, definitely not the problem: The Electrostatic Ale is spot-on unique. The beer is pours completely opaque, with some squash-like flavors going on. It's smooth, with a twangy, spicy kick. This is a pretty damn fine ale, so it's even more mysterious why they remain SD underdogs.

Note: WFC = who fucking cares

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