Thursday, February 24, 2011

Lightning Thunderweizen Hefeweizen: Sambo's Take

Type: Unfiltered Hefeweizen
Origin: Poway, CA
Price: $5 pint Regal Beagle
5.5% ABV

Just look at that pint, I mean just fucking LOOK at it! Now that is a true work of art. It looks like an orange banana smoothie, and tastes very close to one too. This beer is in the same style as Craftsman Heavenly Hefe, except that it successfully accomplishes everything the brewers set out to achieve, and I really stress EVERYTHING. Perfect fluffy lacey white head? CHECK. Appetizing color? CHECK. Smells sooooo good you wanna wet yourself? CHECK. Tastes soooooo goooooooood I can drink 10 a day for the rest of my life? CHECK!! Perfect blend of wheat, banana, clove, citrus zest, and yeast? CHECK. Not overly sweet? CHECK. If you live in sunny San Diego, this beer needs to be in your fridge, ALWAYS. Never ever ever run out of this beer. This WILL get you laid. Its magical, truly Disneyland magic. I'm so happy I discovered this beer, and you should drop what you're doing and find it and drink it and feel merry and love life. TITS.

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  1. god damnit stop going to the Regal Beagle without me, haha