Monday, February 14, 2011


Type: lager pilsner
Origin: Auckland, New Zealand
Price: $2.99 per 750 mL (seriously)

What a fucking price. I was perusing the aisles of BevMo! tonight and saw that Steinlager was $2.99. I was curious, and thought it was a 16 oz bottle, but to my amazement, found that this was a god damned wine bottle of Steinlager. That would be $4.75 a 40 oz, just slightly above Colt 45 in our area (I tried to find online prices, but Binnys and BevMo are too good for it). That being said, this is a pretty boring pale lager. Slightly more flavor than Bud, but not by a whole lot. Its pretty crisp and refreshing, and about all one can expect from a macrobrew.

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