Thursday, February 17, 2011

Victory Helios

type: ale
origin: Downington, PA
price: 5.49/22oz
abv: 7.5

Victory is a old-timer in the craft brew scene. I'm surprised their God-awful labeling practices haven't derailed their enterprise:
a) Who drew the crappy sun-emerging-from-a-glass image on the front? I understand the Sun/Helios connection, but this might be the worst image I've ever seen.
b) What kind of cryptic hogwash have they written on the back? Here's a fun little example: "radiant energy of the sun gives life to all that we enjoy". OK, maybe that's technically true, but if you're gonna blow the Sun, at least capitalize its name while you're doing it.

Alright, enough about how much the label pisses me off. On to the ale... This is damn fine, but I'm afraid mis-branded. I wrote that it's "nice and sharp" with some light wheaty qualities and a bit of citrus tart. This is not simply an ale. Their site is calling it a re-branding of the V-saison, which I think is fitting. Why did they change it?

So in summary, they've got a very nice beer with a terrible marketing scheme. I guess what they need to do is hire a real graphic designer and re-re-brand take #2.

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