Monday, March 7, 2011

Alpine Beer Company

A baking tray full of tasters. Alpine Beer Company.

2351 Alpine Boulevard
Alpine, CA 91901-2202
(619) 445-2337

A gem tucked away in east-east-county San Diego - Alpine. The brewery was closed, but the pub was open. What a treat. Not only do they have well crafted brews (and quite a diverse selection) but the BBQ is ass-kicking awesome. The brisket paired with Ugly (a strong, black IPA) is unbeatable. Some tasting notes:
  1. Alpine Ale: a nice, traditional pale ale that's actually pale with nice bitterness/hop balance.
  2. Pure Hoppiness: really, just a hopped-as-fuck IPA.
  3. Nelson: a step down from Pure in terms of hoppiness, with flavors that are spot on.
  4. Captain Stout: the weakest of the three, honestly. Weak in body and fairly sharp and biting. Reminds me of a porter.
  5. Hoppy Birthday: like Nelson, but less dry.
  6. Willy: my new replacement for Bud. Get this in 30-packs and I'll switch forever.
Sambo went totally nuts over one of their sour ales, so expect to read that soon.

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