Monday, March 7, 2011

Alpine Chez Monmee

Type: Lambic style sour ale
Origin: Alpine, CA
Price: $5 10oz at Alpine Beer Co.
6% ABV

Andy "Randy" and I, with some good company, made a trip out to the Alpine Beer Co. pub for some great food and delish beer. Turns out the food is delish and the beer is quite wonderful with a great selection. Unfortunately, I ran into this bad boy, and I wouldn't drink anything else all night.

The name is a play on words, pronounced "shame on me", cute isn't it? I like to think of it as a strawberry brunette in color; quite unique, cloudy, and sexy. It smells of apple cider vinegar with sour cherry mixed in, and almost like a wet dog stench that dominates. Oddly appetizing for its unusual nose. Its a light bodied beer, with a tingling carbonation that goes super well with its extra sour mouth puckering bite. I couldn't get enough of this, and I begged for a growler of it, but they said no :( The best part about it is the more I drank, the more I was able to pick out its complexities and get past the cherry apple vinegar quality that mostly dominates. It had a wonderful nutty finish that I still can't get over. I will be dreaming about this bad boy for quite some time. Its tastier than the Duchess de Bourgogne, and that's saying a lot coming from me. Sambo Approved.


  1. Did they have Briscoe on when you were there? I think Chez Monmee is a fruit lambic while Briscoe is a straight unblended lambic. My wife and I both love sours, she preferred Briscoe while I liked Chez Monmee better.

  2. They did have the Briscoe and I did taste it. I found the Briscoe to be unique since it really was a plain beer with sour qualities. I liked it but the Chez Monmee had so much more complexity and is much more interesting in my opinion.