Wednesday, March 23, 2011

Alpine Nelson Ale

Type: Rye IPA
Origin: Alpine, CA
Price: $8 22oz
7% ABV

This is a tasty beer, very tasty. It reminds me of session ales, except that it's freakin' 7%, therefore not for session drinking. That depresses me, I want to drink a lot of this on a hot summer day, something like San Diego in January (are you jealous non-San Diegans?). This has a very forward hop aroma, I imagine it was dry hopped with a tremendous amount of product. Grapefruit, grass, and citrus is what I picked out, but I didn't try hard enough because I just wanted to drink the damn thing. The best part? Not overly bitter and green on the palate. Hurray! I can taste after consuming! A rare treat for San Diego brewed IPA's. What surprised me though was that I couldn't really taste any rye, at least according to my tasting notes. Now if this beer was 5% and $4 it would be my go to IPA, but its not. Its unfortunate. Okay okay, how about 7% and $4? That's reasonable. Cuz I'm broke. Someone give me money.

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