Monday, March 21, 2011

Echt Kriekenbier Ale

Type: Flemish Cherry Ale
Origin: Belgium
Price: $5.29 330mL
6.8% ABV

I had a kick for sour beer when I bought this, particularly because I was having withdrawals the day after consuming the very fine Chez Monmee. Let me say upfront that this did not satisfy me in any way whatsoever, so I still want to drive back to Alpine in hopes of drinking 1, or 8, more glasses of their sour.

This puppy pours a beautiful Robitussin red with a quickly dissolving bubbly head, much like champagne. It has a very light scent, which built up my eagerness to drink it all up. Mostly sour cherry with just a tickle of vinegar, not very complex. And then plow plow, tasted like somebody took 3 tablespoons of sugar and dissolved it in what could have been something delicious in original form. I didn't care to pick out what it tasted like, way too sweet. How the fuck is this called a Kriekenbier? Misleading.

Brent's opinion: "Girly drink, like cherry soda"
Andy's opinion: "Pussy drink"


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