Tuesday, March 22, 2011

Iron Fist Golden Age

Type: belgian strong ale
Origin: Vista, California
Price: $10.99 per 750 mL

This was another new one I found at Whole Foods. There were about 8 varieties they sold there, and I decided to start at with a style I know a decent bit about (I also decided that 9.2% ABV was a sufficient ABV/$ ratio). For a golden ale, this is a bit dark. The best comparison I can think of is it is similar to many belgian dubbels, with a orangish brown color and a slight maltiness. The webpage claims hints of lemon, apple, and grape, but I don't really get it. I pretty much just taste a malted wheat beer, which is probably one of my favorite things. Its definitely an enjoyable beer, and we need to make a trip up there to truly assess the quality of this new brewery in North County.

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