Monday, March 28, 2011

Iron Fist Renegade Blonde

type: blonde ale
origin: Vista, CA
price: $11/750ml at Wine Steals, Hillcrest
abv: 5.0

I'll start by saying I am a huge fan of beer in large bottles. 750 ml is big enough, but I'm hoping 1L bottles come out soon. I don't think I've seen an Iron Fist beers in anything but 750, so +1.

This is from a relatively new San Diego brewery, Iron Fist, which I've been impressed with so far. This ale, specifically, is by all means a simple ale, but that's not necessarily bad. It's highly carbonated, and very malty, making it an excellent addition to a beautiful Sunday afternoon in SD. Interestingly enough, I started to enjoy this more towards the end of the bottle, when the beer warmed up a little. But don't take the very last sip or you might get some yeast-poo in your mouth.

FYI, the selection at the Wine Steals is commendable, and at the moment prices aren't above market; Sculpin is $6/22, which is dirt cheap.

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