Monday, March 28, 2011

Mission Valley Beer Festival 2011

On Sunday March 27th Samer, Andy, Chris, and others headed over to the mission valley beer festival with, to be honest few expectations other then the fact that there was going to be unlimited tastings of quality San Diego breweries. I arrived around 12:30 for the event that went from noon to 6 p.m. After starting with a Stone Cal-Belgique I ventured through the festival and was blown away by the food selection, which included; pork carnitas, braised pork, sausage roll w pepper saurekrat, oysters, a cheesesteak fried ball with tongue, and lastly delicious tiny pubcakes. The breweries serving at the festival included Airdale, Ballast Point, The Bruery, East Lake Brewhouse, Firehouse, Hess, Iron Fist, Karl Strauss, Back Street Brewery (according to Andy Buck Street yee ha) La Jolla Brewhouse, Left Coast, Mission, New English, Oggis, Stone, and Green Flash from what I can remember.

Following is my memory of beers served:

Ballast Point - Sculpin
Green Flash - Belgian Brown and 30th St Pale Ale
Karl Strauss - Pintail Ale and a Doppelbock
Left Coast - Voodoo, Trestles, Asylum, and Hop Juice (needless to say there was a huge line for this one)
Stone - Cali Belgique and Vanilla Porter, followed by Self Righteous and their IPA after they ran out of beer around 4 (Way to go Stone on the great selection)
Mission - IPA, Blonde
Iron Fist - Renegade Blonde and Hired Hand
Oggis - Torrey Pines (only one I cared to try or remembered)

There are more, but after tasting all of these in a 6 oz cup I have no fucking idea what else I drank. All the great food, great beer, some sunshine, bands like geezer (a weezer cover band), and the ridiculously cheap price I will definitely be coming back to this one. I would also suggest checking out the CityBeat Festival of Beers April 9th and the San Diego International Beer Festival June 24-26th, both unlimited drinks and a good time, I know the nonsnob crew will be at both.


  1. CityBeat festival of beers is my birthday. That sounds like a good venue to celebrate

  2. That was fun, especially cutting in front of everyone in the Stone line when we wanted more Self-Righteous. What a shit show the trolley ride after was too.

  3. Ya you should def come to CityBeat. FYI buy your tickets soon because it always sells out.

    To Andy - Ya I bet.

  4. Being drunk and yelling at people trying to play golf is priceless. That along with spanking each other and humping random street equipment = great success.