Tuesday, March 22, 2011

Reinaert Wild Ale

Type: Flemish Wild Ale
Origin: Belgium
Price: $11 750mL
9% ABV

Purchased this at the same time as the Echt Kriekenbier because I was craving sour ales after the fantastique Chez Monmee. What caught my eye with this one was the whopping 9%ABV, far stronger than any sour I'd ever seen. I popped this bad boy open while we were converting a keg to a brew kettle so that we could cook up our amazing grapefruit hard lemonade!

This is one of few sours I've had that have a nice and normal golden color with the typical haze of Belgian beers. It also produced a "pwetty" pillowy white head. It had a scent I've come to know and love, that of a strong Belgian. But it had some additional complexity with more forward fruit esters, particularly apple. It is well carbonated, maybe too much for some people, but I like the extra bubbles when I'm consuming sour ales. The best part about this beer? It tastes great. Dry, slightly spiced, and balanced. Apple comes in at the end with just a touch of sour qualities. The only thing I could complain about is that it wasn't sour enough. Otherwise quite tasty.


  1. what the fuck is a 'forward fruit ester'?

  2. You ain't kidding. Isn't this supposed to be non-snobbish?

  3. esters are just fruit flavors given off by yeast/alcohol that taste like fruit. Nothing snobby about it. If you like Belgian beers its usually because of the esters... pretty basic. This one is more "forward" cuz the apple flavor is very obvious to any person who drinks this up.