Monday, April 4, 2011

Russian River Supplication Ale

Type: Belgian style sour ale
Origin: Santa Rosa, CA
Price: $13 375mL
7.0% ABV

This beer is fucking expensive! It's equivalent to a $26 bottle of wine. Jesus tits. It helps that homeboy Brent purchased this cuz I'm broke as a joke at the moment. Brent was also sweet enough to pour me a tasting, and I thank the heavens he did. I love this beer.

This is the first time I've distinctly been able to taste SOUR cherry in a sour ale. But my favorite flavor is the fresh cut green apple that is noticeable in the aroma as well. It is also bitter in the aftertaste and has a nice lingering finish. I love that I could still taste it well after I finished drinking. It's nice and fizzy too. I wanted to chug the damn thing, but I had to force myself to drink slow and savor it or it would surely be over far too quick. In my opinion I would go for this over consecration on most days. Russian River needs to stop being so dumb and expand their brewing capacity.


  1. That's my glass!!! I'm bringing the Avery Dihos Dactylion limited edition sour (aged in cabernet sauvignon barrels) to fresh fraiche in three weeks. Prepare yourself.

  2. This one was aged in pinot noir barrels, plow plow. I love you Katherine. Brent smells BTW.