Tuesday, March 8, 2011

Squatters Hop Rising

type: double IPA
origin: SLC, Utah
price: $1.50/12oz (at the brewery in UT). Seriously.
abv: 9% (again, seriously.)

The beer recon-man strikes again! Chris was in Utah hittin' the slopes (I'm pretty sure he was wearing blue jeans as he slalomed too), and came across this wonder. The first thing punching you in the face is the intense hopped bitters and aromas. But those taper off into an amazingly clean finish. The flavors linger, but not oppressively, and it's easy to justify any shortcomings (if you can find them) given the price and strength. And so my friends, this ranks in the best-of-class category for me.

Chris, let me extend to you an honorary membership to the Non-snob crew. Well done. Here's your favorite song from your favorite band. Seems appropriate.

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