Thursday, March 31, 2011

Stillwater Artisanal American Farmhouse Ale

Type: porter belgian farmhouse ale?
Origin: Westminster, Maryland
Price: $11.99 per 750 mL

Let me start out by saying this is not even close to what I was expecting. It says "American Farmhouse Ale" on the front, so I was expecting an american take on the traditional Belgian Farmhouse Ale, you know something wheaty, with wild yeasts, earthy flavors and high in alcohol but still light enough to drink. Since they really don't have a website, just a blog (seriously guys, basic html is not too difficult), I can't take any cues from their description. This is simply a porter with possibly (and I mean possibly) a farmhouse ale under it. The color is completely dark and there is no head. It is also a bit flat, which is normally a negative, but with porter-style beers is not necessarily a death sentence. The malts are not oppressive on this, which is a huge redeemer since I was not expecting a porter for dinner. In all honesty, it is not worth the price. $12 to be duped for a marginally alcoholic (only 7.4%), mislabeled average porter. I can probably go to the Beagle, pick any random porter, and it will probably be much better than this.


  1. its a good bottle though... will rebottle my own real farmhouse ale in it... didn't try the beer just dug the bottle out of another fancy snob bar's dumpster. lmfao. keep spending gobs of $$ on fancy beer that sucks when you could be brewing your own.

  2. I think i was too pissed off after this that I had to dispose of the bottle super quick. I'm kind of regretting it