Monday, April 25, 2011

Allgauer Bayrisch Hell

Type: Lager
Origin: Kempten, Germany
Price: $2.79 per .5 liter

Just a classic lager beer: very traditional German style. The beer has slight fruit taste combined with malts and a nice hop finish. The beer has a very natural taste and a slight bitterness. I personally prefer the Pilsner they make, but shit this one is solid too. If ever in Germany this is likely the beer you will find everyone drinking from morning to night. God I miss you Germany, where its acceptable nay required! to drink beer on the street during your breakfast/lunch/afternoon snack. This is seriously killing me writing this review on a Monday stuck in an office, while right now some lucky German is sitting in a park with some gorgeous German girl and a nice buzz from Allgauer Hell (shit more like Heaven).


  1. From the Best Damn Beer Store?

  2. Dammit I need to get there!!!!

  3. I reckon you've never been to Germany, as drinking beer on the street is legal though deemed inappropriate and a gorgeous German girl is an extremely rare find ;)

  4. Aw dang one of my favorite past times is drinking on the street in Germany. Though, I'm okay with being the inappropriate guy.