Thursday, April 7, 2011

Beer Here Dark Hops

type: dark ale
origin: Grimstad, Norway
price: $9/.5l at BDB
abv: 8.5%
website (use google.translate)

What's this? The product of an (acclaimed?) Danish brewmaster working with Nøgne ø?? Sign me up.

This is a fine Cascade-hopped dark ale that's similar to Hop in the Dark except more in yo' face, and not as balanced. The head is mighty, has a disconcerting color similar to John Boehner's spray-tanned orange face. The beer tastes very imperial, with plenty of bitter dark-malt flavors; the hops are nice, but somewhat lacking.  I want more!

So they're calling this a one-time experiment, and  I think it's successful (certainly much better than many dark ales); but, I'd still buy Deschutes' version any day.   Regardless, I need to find a way to abate this Norske-beer semi-chub, so consider this a baby-step in the direction of flaccidness.

Here's Mr. Speaker of the House in all of his orange-faced glory.