Tuesday, April 19, 2011

Jenlain Blonde

Type: farmhouse ale
Origin: Jenlain, France
Price: $8.99 per 750 mL

I was enjoying a nice Steel Kettle and the lady was like "I want some wine, but we don't have any". So I was like "Pull out one of the big beers." She pulled out a nice Gran Cru and I was like "maybe not that one baby, how bout the French farmhouse ale." So yeah, that's is the story of this review. When I first poured it, I thought something was up because there was a strange skunkiness to it that I really thought couldn't exist in beers like this. Fortunately, it doesn't taste like that. There are definitely some forward fruit flavors on this, I just can't think of the right word to describe it. Very light apricot and maybe a little peach cobbler. I should probably ask Samer about it. It has an interesting aftertaste/burn - I think this is where I am getting the peach notes since the feeling I am getting is like drinking peach schnapps. This is an interesting one, but I don't think I would buy it in the US again, but probably in Europe. The skunkiness still is kinda getting to me that I think I am not doing this justice.

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  1. The green bottle probably caused the skunkiness. Saisons usually have yeasts that impart a peppery-like taste. I've made a couple of saisons, including a black saison. They're fun to make and even more fun to drink.