Tuesday, April 26, 2011

Ninkasai Spring Reign

type: session ale
origin: Eugene, OR
price $3/22oz
abv: 6%

Crotch shot!! First.

I love the idea of a session ale. My favorite is the McNair collaboration, but it's time for a challenger in terms of sessionability (is this word another first?)...

Not here. The aromas are inviting, but the taste is off. Here is a brew that confuses the idea of a session ale: I'm supposed to be drinking this quickly (OK, I was doing that) but also enjoying the flavors, and really all I'm doing is thinking this tastes like chalk. Not a good drinking session in my humble opinion.

Their redemption is the dollar/alcohol ratio: $2.27/oz versus $5.95/oz for McNair's session ale. It's certainly not so bad that the brewery should disown it, and for the price I say definitely do it again, but I do hope they spend a little more time crafting this.

Here's a gem I found. If anyone wants to know what I looked like on New Year's Eve 2010, here's evidence that I know how to party. That's Brats in the back trying not to be as disgusting as myself.


  1. Thats my arm in the photo! Sorry but 6% is not a fucking session. Session means not just drinking fast, but also large quantities. AKA 4.5% ABV and below. Durka.

  2. Session is whatever you want it do be, dickface. Hell, Bud is 5% and I'll drink that all damn day. Burn!

  3. I challenge thee cocksucker to a session match. You drink 6% beer while I drink 4.5% beer. Holla