Saturday, April 2, 2011

Shock Top Belgian White

Type: Belgian White
Origin: St. Louis, Missouri
Price: $5 for 6 pack special, regular $8

Okay well the only reason I bought this garbage is because it was $5 for a 6 pack at vons and I was feeling like drinking crap tonight I guess. What amazes me about this shit is it's all over San Diego bars. Can you semi-cool bars replace Shock Top with Spaten Franziskaner? please ...please please. They must have a good distribitor that can sell a ketchup popsicle to a girl in white gloves. To top it all off they tell you on the bottle how to perfectly pour a classic quote from this description is you how you have to "lay the bottle on its side and roll it gently back and forth to mix what's left." uh i think no ones trying to savor the last bits of this beer. I guarantee the Belgians are pissed off about this beer. Okay about the beer, it's a wheat ale not a white (confusing) brewed with orange and citrus with corainder spice (this is all believe it or not what the bottle said too). lemme see anything else on this bottle , oh another gem "wheat ale brewed with spices." Holy crap they used spices, this bottle contradicts itself. It only says one spice but here is says 2. Hey Half Orange Mohawk Guy with Sunglasses give me my $5 back and just go the fuck away. Oh and Also Anhueser Busch owns this brewery. Is this an attempt to be like Blue Moon of Coors?


  1. They want you to mix the yeast into the beer so you fart all night cuz you are an idiot for buying the beer in the 1st place and they wanted to let you know that.

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    2012: Hey Half Orange Mohawk Guy with Sunglasses give me my $5 back and just go the fuck away.