Saturday, May 14, 2011

Avery Collaboration Not Litigation Ale

Type: Belgian Strong Ale
Origin: Boulder, CO (303!)
Price: $7.99/22oz
ABV: 8.91% (Batch 5)

This beer is the product of a cheerful little entente between the on-the-top-of-their-game brewmasters at Avery and Russian River. The slightly long-winded name comes from their agreement to blend their breweries' respective Salvation Ales- Russian River's Belgian Strong Dark and Avery's Belgian Strong Pale (Sambo-approved)- instead of getting into a courtroom bitchslap-fest over the common name.

Right out of the bottle, something seems a little weird- there's only about two millimeters of head, despite my fairly aggressive pour. Thankfully, the lack of head wasn't a harbinger of a flat beer, because that would've ended up being a pretty shitty inaugural review. To cut right to the point, this beer is pretty much exactly what I expected, in a really good way. One thing stands out, far and away- the balance. The maltiness and raisiny quality of the Russian River version plays nicely with the lighter fruit and spice of the Avery; there's a nice zing of hops to tie the room together, and there's enough alcohol to remind you that you're not drinking iced tea without being overwhelming.

These guys have definitely shown that they have skill at blending two preexisting beers. Maybe at some point I'll buy both individually and combine them in one glass, as depicted on the label, just to see if it's hard. I'd be curious to see what they'd come up with if they collaborated on a fully original formula.

Oh, and because this is a Non-Snob Beer review: fuck.


  1. Congrats on the first review. Way to fucking go champ.

  2. Finally popped your cherry. I had this at Livewire. I prefer the respective brews separately over the mix, but it was still delish.