Wednesday, May 4, 2011

Hofbräu Original

Type: Bavarian Lager
Origin: Munich, Germany
Price: $2.29 0.5L
5.1% ABV

This beer is simple, full bodied, and delicious. It has that crisp malt quality German beers are famous for. It is slightly sweet, has good bitterness with hints of hops in the aroma, and is absolutely refreshing. I was also happy that it was not skunky out of the bottle, and tasted quite fresh. Hofbräuhaus is a famous beer garden in Munich, where you can relax all day and drink this wonderful beer to your heart's content. I wish I was in Germany right now doing exactly that.


  1. It's funny how Andy, Ryan, and I rated Hofbrau as the worst out of the tents we went to. That's how good German beer is.

  2. That would be 3 for me. I need a break from that madness. 2015?