Saturday, May 7, 2011

Lightning Ionizer Lager

Type: lager
Origin: Poway, California
Price: $12 per 2 liter growler at the brewery

Chris and I decided to play hooky on Friday and hit up a few breweries. We started with AleSmith and Hess which were both pretty damn good, but I think Lightning was the highlight of the afternoon. Th tasting room is only open a few hours for Friday and Saturday. Tastings are free, and they send you down a journey of 8 fantastic beers. We came in with the impression of just getting Thunderweizen, but I actually bought this and the Electrostatic Ale instead. This is probably one of the biggest surprises, specifically because this lager has so much flavor and is 8.5%, about 3% higher than most lagers. This may be the hoppiest beer that Lightning makes (probably a tie between this and the amber), which is to say it is really not that hoppy. It is surprisingly easy to drink, has a nice crisp finish. It's crazy to think that this was my step down beer from the Electrostatic.

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