Tuesday, May 17, 2011

Russian River Brewing Co.

725 4th Street
Santa Rosa, CA 95404

So if I had to describe heaven it would be this place. Not only did they have 18 beer flights the place had amazing food too.

We pulled up to Russian River in a limo after drinking some Horny Devil on the way up (Yes ridiculous, but who the hell would want to dd to this place). I couldn't decide what to get first so I started with a Pliny the Elder, which as we know is delicious, followed by their Salvation, a strong dark ale that was absolutely amazing. Seriously I was a little excited at this point, everyones like Matt calm down, and then this behemoth of a flight appeared. I then followed to be very snobbish tasting every flight amongst a group of 6 people while we discussed the taste of each (basically me annoying everyone).

Below is a list of all the beers but a few contained in the flight

Russian Rivers belgian styles ales were all absolutely amazing and their IPAs are no joke, the only thing I can say that needs work is their stout. But hey 17 out of 18 is not bad, I mean I can safely say this is the best beer I have ever had at a brewery. The brewpub also has a great atmosphere with a nice outside patio area, parking in the back, and lots of tvs. If I lived up there I would be there once a week and would be "that guy" at the bar.

After Russian River we went to Lagunitas, which had some solid beers, but also a few shitty ones. I wasn't to impressed, but who could be after going to Russian River, I mean I was wasted off sours and IPAs. One thing I could say about Lagunitas is their stout is solid along with decent IPAs. Czech Pilsner was also really good at this point as we bought 2 growlers for the way back.

Hopefully this tour will be as good as the Non Snob 1 Year Anniversary Brewery tour.

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  1. 1. go fuck yourself
    2. non snob beer anniversary tour is gonna be the best shitshow on the planet. ever. period.