Wednesday, June 15, 2011

Black Diamond Rampage Imperial IPA

Type: imperial IPA
Origin: Concord, California
Price: ?

Ok, I am cleaning out my beer review drafts, and this is a fairly complete one from a few months back. For those of you wondering how this happens, why don't you try reviewing 300 beers in a year and not lose any of them. I am leaving this unedited for an extra-special Non-Snob "Raw" Review. These are like those quarters where George Washington has two noses, so appreciate it (Non-Snob Beer does not really acknowledge the existence of quarters with extra body parts).

elephant rampaging through hop fields? ok, whatever, this is fucking america

really floral hop quality, not really too much else happening, but it is not really necessary.

high abv at 9%

perfect color, perfect beer

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