Wednesday, August 24, 2011

Dogfish Head Squall IPA

Type: India pale ale
Origin: Delaware
Price: $8 750mL
9% ABV

Man, I'm 3 months behind on this review. Talk about time flying. This brew is a solid IPA fashioned after west coast IPAs developed in our very own backyard. Unfortunately, the bottle I drank turned out a tad bit too under carbonated. But even so, it is quite tasty. Whenever a beer claims to be bottle conditioned, it means that it is naturally carbonated inside the bottle thanks to leaving yeast in the beer. Because of this the occasional under/over carbonated bottle is possible.

This is definitely an IPA, but it is still slightly too malty to truly be west coast style. Stone's IPA is hoppier and drier, for instance. It's potent at 9%, and you can smell the alcohol as much as the fresh hops. It's an exceptionally smooth beer. Keith Stone smooth. Nice and dry finish. It has nice citrusy flavors from the hops, and Chris pointed out pineapple, which I completely agree but didn't notice it personally until he mentioned it. Will drink again, on occasion. A 22 of Big Eye is a much better deal in my opinion.

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