Monday, June 6, 2011

Hermitage Saison Style Ale

Type: saison
Origin: San Jose, California
Price: $3.69 per 22 oz

I have made my way through most of Hermitage's products because they are fairly solid beers that are pretty cheap. I saw this at BevMo! and tossed it in because it was cheap but had no idea it was Hermitage. It is only written in fine print on the side. Also, this must be fairly new since it isn't on their website yet. The name is also apparently "One Door" according to RateBeer, but once again, it is not printed on the bottle. Poor labeling aside, this is a pretty fantastic saison. It has the flavor of a pretty solid belgian tripel without any of the astringency. There is also a little bit more sweetness than a tripel, but nothing too offensive. There are really no fruit flavors coming through like thunderweizen, which is why I wouldn't call this an amazing beer. I probably won't remember any specifics about it, but would definitely have it again at this price.

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