Sunday, June 19, 2011

Non Snob 1YR Anniversary

Let's start by saying this: Having someone drive you to breweries is amazing. Getting to drink beer with 40 friends during the ride is even more amazing. So that's what we did to celebrate the first anniversary of this blog.

Our first stop was Iron Fist in Vista. Their tasting room is fun, the people are wonderful, and their beers are top notch. I loved trying all the variations on Hired Hand (Saison). They even had Velvet Glove on nitro. Mmmmmm....

Second stop, the new Green Flash in Mira Mesa. Jesus Hoppy-Beer Christ their space is huge, and just waiting to accomodate their continued growth. Standout for me was the Cuvee, especially since I could still taste that it was delicious.

And here's a picture of Matt and Sambo, just to give you some idea how things went.

So thanks everyone for coming. If you didn't come, thanks just for reading. It has been so much fun this last year learning about beer, fruit esters, and even more so just drinking good beer with good friends. Special thanks to Brats for starting the site and keeping the enthusiasm high, and also to the man on the right, for making this event successful. You can check out more photos on the FB page.


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  1. I was good until Green Flash, after the trippel everything becomes fuzzy.