Monday, July 25, 2011

Rogue Dad's Little Helper Black IPA

type: Black IPA
origin: Newport, Oregon
price: $6.99/22oz

I originally came to like Black IPAs a little before they got popular. I was at ballast point and my friend Larry would mix the Black Marlin Porter with Big Eye and it tasted great. Granted now the brewing process is different for black IPAs and not always a mix of 2 great beers, but even so a fantastic mix. I mean just look at the head in this beer, you can definitely see a mix of the IPA hops with a semi stout chocolate foam. I would say out of all the beers that I have tried from Rogue this is one of my favorites. This beer is unique, flavorful, has a great initial flavor and a nice smooth dark finish. I am still up in the air about Rogue, but this beer is great.

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