Thursday, June 2, 2011

Santa Fe Happy Camper IPA

Type: India pale ale
Origin: Santa Fe, NM
Price: I don't know
6.6% ABV

Out of a can and mutha fuckin' delicious. Great malt flavors; as you can tell from the color there's a lot of roasty deliciousness going on with this sexy momma. Lotta hop aroma with balanced and even bitterness from start to finish. Who knew Santa Fe had a brewery this magical? As a person who loves camping, I would definitely bring a six pack of these along. Now if only I could find this beer...

All you investors out there, craft beer in a can is the beer of the future. Sambo estimates 200-300% growth over the next 5-8 years. I will only take a 10% cut for all of you who listen and make it rain. And trust me, I'm Arab, you WILL make it rain.


  1. website? Or is that not baller enough for you to put on anymore?

  2. google search bitch. I love google.

  3. ummm...thats not the point. we have a very nice organized system:

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  4. So it turns out this was shown in the last Breaking Bad episode of 2012, where Walter was hiring neo-nazi skinheads to execute the remaining witnesses. But anyways, damn fine IPA.

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