Thursday, June 2, 2011

Yebisu (ヱビス Ebisu)

type: lager
origin: Ebisu, Japan
price: $3/12oz
abv: ??

I read the word means "premium." OK, let's go with that. This is definitely an "all malt beer," and nicely sweet - like a good lager should be. I really enjoyed this as a break from the standard Sapporo* style lager; it has an appropriate (low) level of hoppiness, which brings the maltiness, sweetness, and alcoholic nature of the beer to the fore. Wait, that sounded boring. How about "this is as tasty as a pile of Japanese soba on top of a geisha's tit." No good?

* Sapporo acquired the original brewer, and considers it top-shelf stuff.

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