Tuesday, July 12, 2011

Bayhawk Chocolate Porter

Type: porter
Origin: Irvine, California
Price: $3.29 per 22 oz

I just got back from a week in Iceland, which was great and all, but the beer kinda sucked. Iceland has some strange temperance laws which strongly discourage making stronger beers, which I think makes the breweries just give up. I have been putting off this beer for quite some time, and after a week in Iceland, this beer looked incredibly desirable in my fridge just because it isn't a crappy light pilsner. I am hoping that my beer bias of the past week does not skew this review. That being said, this is a rather enjoyable porter. It is smooth and luxurious with nice middle-to-bold flavors. As one would guess, there is a nice chocolate flavor on this, and I would almost put the chocolate flavor closer to the chocolate milk end of the spectrum. There is a wee bit of bitterness, which I feel gives this a light coffee flavor, but the chocolate still dominates. This is truly just a nice balanced beer that shouldn't offend anyone.

FYI, according to Beer Advocate, there should be a strong whale cum component (if anyone knows the reference and can present me the video gets a free beer) to this beer, but I am just not getting it

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