Tuesday, July 19, 2011

Hermitage Single Hop: Citra

type: IPA
origin: San Jose, CA
price: $4.99/22oz
abv: 7%

I've been thinking about the idea of a series of single hop-varietal beers for a while now. I finally get a chance to test out my theory that this will be excellent insight into individual hop characteristics.

The Citra hop: let's talk aroma. Apparently Sierra Nevada has been instrumental in developing and maintaining this strain and I agree with their description: fruity. I shant mention those extra special esters everyone has been raving about, but I will say that one whiff of this beer and you feel like you're sitting on a beach in Jamaica, boyeee. Unfortunately, after a full 22, I'm not sure this alone can defeat the mighty maltiness of a full bodied 7% ale.

Overall, a decent start to the beerxperiment, and I'm looking forward to the rest. So keep it tuned to WNSB on your FM dial for the rest of the set. Until then, this is FATD signing off...

Note: When working in the garage, always drink a beer. Circular saw usage encouraged.

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