Friday, July 22, 2011

Highland Gaelic Ale

Type: American Amber Ale
Origin: Asheville, NC
Price: $3.69/22 oz
ABV: 5.8%

3rd & final beer of the NC trip. Well, 3rd reviewed beer. I had waaaay more than three beers on the trip. Anyway, yeah, that's a plastic cup on top of an ironing board. That's what happens when you drink in a hotel room before a wedding.

This is the first (and, I suppose, only) truly local beer I had on my trip to NC. And I think the folks at Highland are on to something here. A big thump of malt in both the nose and the flavor, with all the richness of a good scotch ale. And a light flash of hoppiness to cut through the malt. Sort of like a pile of pulled pork with a splash of vinegary BBQ sauce on it (this is North Carolina, after all...though to be accurate, Asheville's in western NC, so the sauce should be thicker and sweeter than the thinner vinegar-heavy eastern NC variety...shit, I'm getting off track, and hungry).

Anyway, back to the beer. It's good. Very good. I'd be very interested to see what'd happen if they started with the Gaelic's grain bill as a foundation, and then doubled or tripled the hop load and kicked up the ABV. I have a feeling they could have a pretty thunderous IPA (IAA, maybe?) on their hands.


  1. Imperial Asshole Ale? Sounds right up your alley.

  2. Maybe it'll be an IAAA, In Andy's Asshole Ale. Literally right up your alley.

  3. Might clean out some of that Don Carlos the other day out of the old pipes.

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