Thursday, July 28, 2011

Hitachino Nest: White Owl

type: witbier
origin: Hong Kong, China
price: $4.75/12oz at dbar (Princeton, NJ)
abv: 5%

This was the second Hitachino I've tried, and while they do a decent witbier, there wasn't anything super remarkable about it. Don't get me wrong: it was nice and refreshing, it had some wit, it had some bier, but it didn't really stand out much from any witbier I've had before. Actually, it was a little short on the wit. The spice is one of my favorite parts of a witbier but I could hardly tell there was anything in this one.

I could have stretched my $4.75 much farther (especially at dbar) if I had gone with an unremarkable macrobrew. China has this reputation of making a whole lot of something good on the cheap, so why is this one of the more expensive beers in the bar? For the price: BAH.

At least the bar was hip. UCSD could learn a lot about what a campus pub should be like from these Princeton people.


  1. I already reviewed this, maybe you should keep up on our reviews son. Thats a great price though! and the beer is from japan silly. Im in japan right now. I will be returning with mad reviews.

  2. The contact info on their website is in Hong Kong actually. I think it is like that Chinese Apple Store, where they copied everything verbatim and just don't give a shit

  3. Yeah, I thought it was Japan, but then I learned to read good. It definitely says Hong Kong, China which is spelled way differently than J-A-P-A-N. muahaha.

    And... is it manfoul if two of us review the same beer twice? I don't think that's quite as awkward as if two of us review the same girlfriend twice, but I haven't been around here too long... I will abstain in the future.

  4. No it's not manfoul (nice word!), Samer just wants to feel important. He can't even get the city correct, so I'm glad you did.

    Good to see your name under contributors my friend!

  5. Sorry guys, its Japanese. I'm going to their brewery tomorrow morning. It's in the Ibaraki prefecture just outside Tokyo. Yes I do like attention. And once again, I'm right. And I def approve of repeat reviews, different perspectives matter!

  6. Absolutely Japanese.
    Kiuchi Brewery
    1257, Kounosu, Naka-machi
    Ibaraki-ken Naka-gun, 311-0133
    phone: +81 (0)29 298 0105

    I don't know why they changed the website.