Tuesday, July 5, 2011

MateVeza Black Lager

type: organic black lager (with Yerba Mate)
origin: Ukiah, CA
price: $4/22oz
abv: 5.2%
caffeine: 110mg (a few cups of coffee)

I like this. You can tell the caffeine is there, but it hides nicely next to the dark roasted malts. It's actually pretty good, and a damn fine deal given you're drinking beer and coffee at the same time, and you only forked out $4. Surprisingly it reminds me of a light bodied Barney Flats.

Brent says he likes to work with one beer in him ("it makes you unafraid to make mistakes" hahaha) but I think this would be better. Combine drinking coffee and a Bohemia into one step and brother, you got a stew goin'.

Looks like we're getting July 4 off to a good start.

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