Tuesday, July 26, 2011

Stone/Baird/Ishii collaboration: Japanese Green Tea IPA

type: IPA
origin: San Diego, CA
price: $3/12oz at Stone Filling Station (South Park)
abv: 9.2%

My, oh my. This is proof to me that Stone is really taking their collaboration beer making seriously. I've had none I've disliked, and this is absolutely no exception. I love this, if only because it's exceptionally deep and malty, but also very well hopped - so at 9.2% you're just cruising through this bastard on your way to Bad Decision-ville. Part the nice flavor balance comes from the subtle, yet recognizable green-tea flavors. It's pure art that flavors so gentle (like the hand that Chris keeps in his Vaseline-filled glove) can come right past flavors so strong. Well done.

When you hold up the glass you notice something very striking: floaties everywhere. Fear not! These are just particles of hop's aforementioned pussy little brother - the green tea leaf. The strange thing is they're in suspended animation, so at first it looks like carbonation. A little off-putting, but who gives a shit if it tastes this good.

This is win all around with the price, flavor, and alcohol. To top it, part of the proceeds go to disaster relief efforts, so go buy this. Lots of it.

Floaties eveywhere:


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