Friday, August 12, 2011

Alaskan Imperial IPA Pilot Series

Type: Ale
Origin: Juneau, AK
Price: $9.99 22oz

I like regular Alaskan IPA, it's nothing special, but it is easy to find and I usually enjoy it as a middle of the road IPA. So I saw this at the beer store and figured awesome this has to be great. The beer has a nice color with a malty smell overwhelming the hops, so far so good. I tasted it and was immediately pissed off, why would they sell this crap. It was so bad, I think what they did is use the boot/swamp water in the image on the bottle instead of fresh Alaskan spring water, maybe a deer got into this water source or some shit, literally. The thing I am most mad about is I chose this over a scuplin just to review for our site, god damn you nonsnob you sobs making me try new things. Well don't buy this, simple as that. A few adjustments to this beer it would be much better, it just didnt balance as the finish and first taste were equally as bad.

1 comment:

  1. damn $10 for a 22 and it sucked. We will get you a redemption beer