Saturday, August 6, 2011

Bar Harbor Brewing Co: Thunder Hole Ale

type: brown ale
origin: Bar Harbor, ME
price: $? (I lost the receipt, but I didn't have sticker shock)/22oz at Joe Canal's (Princeton, NJ)
abv: too huge to even write on the bottle

Since I was out of town for Andy's birthday bashery, I thought to myself when I saw this bottle in the store "what better way to salute a good friend's birthday than an earth shattering salvo from the old thunder hole?"

Andy don't read this paragraph. When I popped it open I was a bit disappointed in the meager hiss instead of a thunderous report, but I guess I should have known since it wasn't sporting a cork and only a normal bottle cap. We'll just tell Andy that it was solidly respectable.

So in addition to the deafening bottle opening, this beer was pretty damned good... (I wrote the rest of this on my porch between playing guitar and listening to the hurricane since we lost power and my battery was dying) I was not thunderously over bodied (think godzilla) like so many of the other east coast beers I've had, but solidly full of flavor. The hop notes were pretty light as well, but there was an awesome nutty flavor and darkness to this beer that can only come from expert mashing. The fact that this is a world beer championships gold medal winner, and a small batch series, stands out clearly. Well done Bar Harbor, I'll be back.

So happy (belated) birthday Andy. sorry I took a while to post this, but I needed a hurricane for inspiration.
Thunder on sir.

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