Sunday, August 28, 2011

Cold Spring Moonlight Ale

Type: ale
Origin: Cold Spring, Minnesota
Price: $3.29 per 32 oz can at Whole Foods

I saw this tonight at Whole Foods and I was in awe of the three beers from this company in 32 oz cans. Also the price was a big shocker. It seemed like it should be in some seedy liquor store or gas station owned by one of Samer's friends. This is a rather strange beer, and I don't really know if I have had anything like it. The overpowering flavor in this is A&W Cream Soda. It even looks a bit like it. If I didn't like the vanilla cream soda flavor, I would absolutely hate this beer, so I could definitely see how someone would find this absolutely appalling.


  1. Looks like they're going for the Joose/4-Loco market, but amping it with 32oz cans - those are big fuckers.

  2. Theres two other varieties at whole foods...get them while they're hot